Saturday, July 2, 2016

Teambuilding comes to Singapore

Teambuilding Singapore now delivering new and exiting programs and team events to teams in South East Asia - based in Singapore, registered and fully operational, check out for more ideas on our team-building activities in the

Friday, July 1, 2016

We offer many types of programs, from teambuilding sessions to more focused workshop based, these too can include sessions that aim on key objectives. Our policy is to focus on designing sessions that meet your business, team and individuals needs. 

Our approach is put together an example agenda, with sessions and activities that offer learning, development and interaction. Plus we always allow teams to reflect on their learning's and share understandings through de-briefs.

Prior to sending info is their anything in specific you had in mind? Team building covers a broad range, each organization is different, so the style of learning needs to be different, to help me understand your needs I have a few questions:

How soon is your event? 

How many will take part? 

Will you require transportation and a venue with food / lunch (Halal and other needs)?

Where would you like the activity to take place? 

Time constraints - how long will you have available and what other scheduled items will we need to work around on the day? 

Themes you would like to work to?

Whether the activity has formal team-building objectives or is just to give your employees and colleagues a bit of bonding and inspiration away from the office?

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